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Check out the full range of anal beads at esmale

Check out the best anal beads range at esmale

Anal beads are a great way to try anal sex toys for the first time - start with small beads and work your way up to something bigger. Check out the great range of anal beads available at esmale.

Anal Beads is the perfect companion during foreplay with a partner of just on your own. With anal play and prostate play becoming more and more popular. Anal beads are specially designed enhance anal stimulation.

Anal Beads available at esmale Anal toys are specially designed products for anal penetration. The shape of anal beads is often tapered and graduate in size. Applying lube to its slick exterior makes it super slippery for easy insertion. At the end of the balls you will often find a flared base or handle for security.

At esmale we stock a wide range of anal toys from small to huge! We have something for everyone. Anal beads are the perfect introduction to anal sex and anal toys. If this is your first time I recommend you start with small beads and work your way up to something bigger.

We recommend more anal beads for those looking to explore the pleasures of anal sex or prostate play. The Toy Joy Sweet Sensation Beads measure in at just 7 inches long and a great place to start if you’re a beginner.

Anal beads feel fantastic when left in during intercourse or masturbation and can be pulled out during orgasm to intensify the sensations, but whatever you do – don’t forget your lube and apply plenty (and a little bit more) to both your anus and your anal beads, and then gently push the first bead inside you. You can then ‘pop’ each bead in slowly until you’ve taken as much as you are comfortable with.

Check out the full range of anal beads available.

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Anal Rythm!

Anal pleasure is some of the best pleasure I enjoy and with this in mind I was totally excited to unpack my new anal beads the other day!

For me anal stimulation, whether it is by anal toys or a real person has a great intensity. You can really get lost in the moment and into yourself.

I am a total sex-oholic and have my moments of what I love best,  I can go weeks without anal loving and then I will have a period I need “seeing to” everyday…..honestly!  I have no idea what part of my mind dictates what its want….all I know is that when it wants it, it NEEDS it!

When I am having some of the bigger anal cravings I like to use anal beads, by myself or someone else, it does not matter, I love it! What I find so special is that there is a level of surprise, the popping of the beads opening and closing your anus make anal beads more intense then lets say an anal dildo. There are plenty of different types of anal beads but my new one vibrates so it like 3D anal sex, I will be screaming the house down soon, bring it!!!

With love!

If you want to share your experiences please do so via and we will do the rest!

Check out the great range of anal beads available at esmale - male sex toys online superstore

Check out the full range of anal beads available at esmale here.

Anal Beads

If you’re new to gay sex toys, anal play or you’re just looking for looking for an entirely new anal sensation. Today’s blog is right up your back passage (pun intended). The boys at esmale HQ have taken to Twitter to find out what your favourite gay sex toys are? Join in, follow us @essentiallymale and help us get #funforyourbum trending. Is your new year resolution is to spice up your gay sex toy collection? Anal Beads and BallsCheck out our great range of anal beads and balls. If you’re looking to explore the sensations of anal sex, anal beads and balls are a great place to start. Anal beads are available in a range of different sizes but generally start small and increase in size with the more length you take. Whether you are a beginner or an anal veteran I recommend you use plenty of water based lube. Lube will help the smooth and spherical, anal beads into your anus. Trust me when I say the graduated shape, smooth sphere and easy hand-held design of anal beads can turn a regular orgasm into an earth-shattering experience.

Step it up a notch with the vibrating anal beads

Bum Buster Anal BeadsIf you want more buzz for your buck why not try the Toy Joy Bum Buster Vibrating Anal Beads, this gay sex toy provides powerful waves of vibrations and a deep, satisfying feeling of penetration, you will be screaming all night long from the intensely erotic orgasms an anal vibrator provides. In stock now, get yours here.

NEW gay sex toys in stock at esmale

Anal Balls

The PVC Duotone Black Anal Balls contains two anal beads with a circumference of just 1.25 inches, allowing for the easiest of insertion and fitted with a secure cord for easy removal amazing sensations. Order yours here for prompt delivery.


Anal DoucheMany people use an anal douche or enema kits for hygiene purposes, whilst many others enjoy the unique feeling it creates when in use. A douche works by deposit water into the rectal passage, removing any compacted faeces, so that you’re clean and ready to go before inserting your favourite gay sex toys or having anal sex. A douche, such as our best-selling Anal Douche, will clean only the rectal passage which is all you really need to prepare for your anal beads.

Don’t Forget Your Anal Lube!

Maximus Anal LubeWhen using lube, apply it both to your anus and your gay sex toys. Although it might be difficult to achieve penetration at first, you’ll appreciate the wet, slippery feel once you get into the swing of things. Liquid Silk, Maximus Anal Lubricant and Swiss Navy Lube are both best-sellers and designed to stay slippery for longer to enable safe and enjoyable anal play. Check out the full range of lubes available here

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Anal Beads We have gay sex toys tester working for esmale. The principle is simple, you get more discount when you buy and we publish the reviews and blogs you write in return.

Last week a new gay sex toys tester got his first anal beads and OMG did we get a review, we can’t post it as he decided against it but is was one orgasm and ode to anal beads.

The Bum Buster vibrating anal beads in particular was the one that gave him the best anal experience he has ever had with anal beads or any anal toys. Check it out and see what anal beads can do for you, I think some lube might come in handy.

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